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SEPAAS Travel and Tours offers visa services for Singapore.

 Entry Requirements for Foreigners

All visitors to Singapore must meet the following entry requirements:

  • Valid travel document (Passport with minimum validity of 6 months at the time of departure)
  • Return flight ticket or Bus Ticket to Singapore 
  • Entry facilities to the next destination and
  • Visa for entry into Singapore (if applicable)

How to apply Singapore Visa?
If you are interested to visit Singapore and need Singapore Visa you can directly contact the helpful staffs at Sepaas Tour and Travel and send your request to them 
Please get  ready these documents when you want to apply
  • Scan copy of fist page of the traveler passport
  • Scan copy of passport size picture with white background, Please note that we need recent photo and should be less than 6 month.
  • Hotel voucher from us. You need to book your hotel with us.
  • Fill up form 14A, (Sample)

For individual customer please send all your doucments to our reservation email or contact us and for Travel Agencies after register on our website please use Visa Request from main menu to send your request.


Note: Having Visa does not Guarantee entry to Singapore. Singapore authority officers at the ports of entry are resposible for admission of travelers to Singapore, for a specified status and period of time.

How long is the processing of singapore Visa?

Normaly Visa application will approve less than 10 working days and it might take longer time which is depend on applicant nationality and ICA procedure.


How to collect Singapore Visa?

- Singapore visa will be e-Visa and we can email it to you.


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